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Dispatches from the global solar revolution
5.35 kWp of Yingli Solar panels installed by Alta Quota Impianti, L’Aquila (Italy).

2,400 Italian Cities Rely 100% on Clean Energy

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Image: 5.35kWp of Yingli panels installed by Alta Quota Impianti, L’Aquila. It’s no surprise that Italians love clean energy. Italy is known by a number of names, from the ‘Land of the Sun’ to ‘Green Country,’ but our country is not famous for vast carbon resources buried underground. To meet energy demands, many cities are looking confidently to the sky: sun, wind, and water. Rather than rushing headlong into the race for imported carbon fuels or nuclear resources, why not draw energy from the natural wealth that makes Italy the “Bel…

Painting by Chinese artist Su Hanchen (苏汉臣 circa 1130–1160 AD)

Solar & Football: A Perfect Match

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We get asked all the time: why does Yingli Solar sponsor so many football events (like U.S. Soccer, FC Bayern Munich, and the FIFA World CupTM)? I mean really: what’s the connection between solar and football?  It isn’t always immediately obvious. While they may seem different on the surface, there are deep affinities between the world’s most popular game and the world’s most abundant energy resource. One of the reasons why football is the most commonly played sport in the world is that it’s so simple: all you need is…


And the Winner Is…

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Lilliana B. of El Paso, Texas! Congratulations for winning Yingli Solar’s All Under One Sun Photo Contest! Lilliana’s photo received the highest score among more than 2,000 photos submitted. She will receive two tickets to the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil and a $2,000 travel stipend! Our “All Under One Sun” campaign challenged football fans to ‘power their favorite national football teams with their team spirit’ by submitting photos of themselves in their team’s colors to our contest microsite. The microsite received over 35,000 unique…


Welcome to On & Off the Grid!

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Today, there are an estimated seven billion people on our planet. Our best guess is that about 80% of those people have access to electricity. That means more than one billion people still live off-the-grid, and most of those without reliable energy access. Remarkably, from 1990 to 2000, an estimated 1.6 billion people came on-the-grid, an outstanding humanitarian achievement and largely a reflection of urban migration in populous, developing countries like China and India. The aspirations of historically disenfranchised millions, seeking the right to participate in the benefits of modernization, represent…