Imagining a Green Future

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The theme of this year’s Yingli Group Technology Innovation Expo, which was held at the company headquarters on 28 September 2016, is “Infinite Imagination, Green Action Future”. This theme reflects Yingli’s strength and belief in independent innovation and commitment to a continuous upgrading of its development process.
Representatives from the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Energy Administration of Hebei Province, Science and Technology Office of Hebei Province, Baoding City Government, China Development Bank and North China Electric Power University attended the opening ceremony and inspected the latest cutting-edge developments in photovoltaic (PV) technology.
Divided into five major exhibition areas with 29 booths, the Expo features more than 400 recent innovation achievements from the Yingli Group. These included projects in many fields such as PV manufacture, flywheel energy storage, PV system and application, associated industries and service industries. All these innovations showcased Yingli’s ability to stimulate employee engagement and innovation to help increase the competitive strength of its products.
Five Year Plan
As Chinese General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping has pointed out, “Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development, grasping innovation is grasping development, and seeking innovation is seeking the future”.
The Technology Innovation Expo is a vivid reflection of this, by helping build existing Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy innovation community through practical action. The Hebei Province government has set goals in setting creative platforms, opening innovation resource sharing, collectively tackling key fields together and building collaborative innovation systems.
Additionally, the Hebei Province Technological Innovation 13th Five Year Plan lays down a framework that proposes that by 2020, the rate of agricultural, scientific and technological progress should reach up to 60%, and that Hebei Province should aim for a top 15 place in the country for the synthesis index of technology improvement.
Following the success of the last two Expos, the Third Technology Innovation Expo showcased developments in display technology innovation, business model innovation and management aspects that had been achieved in recent years.
Star Products
At the Expo, Yingli showed its new generation PANDA solar cell, based on the ion implantation technique. As the first PV enterprise to successfully produce n-type high efficiency bifacial modules, Yingli has upgraded the first generation PANDA solar cell by using the ion implantation technique and also simplified the production process to produce a star product.
The generated output of TwinMAX Series modules (60 Cells) that adopts new generation PANDA solar cell exceeds 300W from the front. The back can increase energy yield up to 30% on optimized installation sites, with an actual generated output of more than 380W and power generation efficiency of more than 24%.
The product has been successfully deployed at the China Shanxi Datong 50MW advanced technology PV demonstration project. It is currently the largest n-type monocrystalline double glass modules application project in the world.
Collaboration And Efficiency
Moreover, Yingli demonstrated new initiatives across the industry in chain collaboration innovation, applied diamond wire cutting technology and black silicon, PERC cell technology. Together, these help drive polysilicon cell efficiency of more than 20%, and a reduction in PV module cost of 25%.
Other innovation developments include intelligent PV power station operation monitoring systems; PV cleaning robots; enhanced automation and intelligence of PV power stations; and high efficiency and serialization of distributed household PV power generation system that can reach millions of households.
The Expo’s “PV+” exhibition area focuses on the innovative application of PV technology, displaying new PV power generation terminals and more. Other highlights include a showcase of the “Yingli Craftsman” and “Obtain benefit from Management” selection and commendation criteria. For example, the company issued a cost reduction and benefit improvement proposal to its staff in July and only one month later in August all departments had implemented 96 proposals and made profit of more than 440,000 yuan.
Pioneering Innovation
Referring to the “Obtain benefit from Management” initiative, Ming Li, from Yingli No.1 Test Workshop, said it not only helped pioneer a sense of innovation, “but also inspires our enthusiasm and initiative towards work through bonus and encouragement.” Ming, responsible for an automatic test line merging project, said the tight integration of various testing equipment will help Yingli save both manpower and earn 42.3 thousand yuan per month.
“Grassroots innovation as seen in the ‘Yingli Craftsman’ penetrates the spirit of innovation into every aspect,” said Dr. Dengyuan Song, Chief Technology Officer of Yingli Green Energy. “We can display innovative achievements through activities like ‘Yingli Craftsman’ selection, and from its unique ‘Import-Digestion-Absorption-Re Innovation’ innovation mode’.
Green Future Achievements
Through all these new technologies and initiatives, Yingli has become a Green Future pioneer and expert. It has applied 13 PCT international patents, 2056 China patents, and 1577 patent licensing agreements as well as working as key editor on 77 international and national industrial standards.
Thanks to its ongoing pursuit of new, more efficient and more innovative production and research technologies, Yingli has been awarded National Innovation-based Pilot Enterprise, and ranks first in the Chinese PV industry for number of patent applications and authorizations.
It has engaged in close collaboration with State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials & Technology, and the National Energy Key Laboratory for Photovoltaic Technology and has taken 23 national key technology projects, such as 973 and 863, and 108 provincial technology projects.

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