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Yingli Solar is on the front lines of the global energy revolution, and this blog will provide a platform to share some of those stories. We’re working on some awesome initiatives around the world: from the proliferation of solar technology in remote regions to the development of new and more accurate .PAN files (it’s actually waaaayyy cooler that it sounds); and from solar panel reliability testing to preparations for the 2014 FIFA World CupTM in Brazil!  We’ll try not to talk about ourselves too much, though, and hope to elicit participation and feedback from industry partners and those who are interested in the same sorts of topics and challenges.
As the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, we are passionate and excited about the impact that solar technology is having right now, to say nothing of tomorrow. Please join the conversation and feel free to send us your questions or suggestions for future posts.
Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you On & Off the Grid.

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